Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Avoid Compulsory Registration for Websites

Many websites on internet need you to register to acess the information, like many forums force you to register to have acess to their discussion pages. Below are some techniques that i found to bypass compulsory registrations on websites. 8)

Bugmenot- Free login Details to bypass compulsory registration

Bugmenot is a groovy website to find and share logins for websites that force you to register. Just fill in the web adress in the search box and Login details will be provided if available for that particular site. :lol:

For more information on using Bugmenot, you can see Wikihow Article on using Bugmenot.

Also you can download Bugmenot Firefox Extension to bypass compulsory web registration via Firefox’s right-click context menu.

Google Bot

Most of the websites today get maximum number of visitors from google. So all the websites including ones that require registration, would like to see their content indexed by Google. Therefore as soon as they detect the google bot, they allow it to acess pages that are normally restricted to human users, so if a normal human being visits the website using a web browser, he is politely redirected to the “Please register first” webpage.

There is a cool Firefox Extension called Firefox User Agent Switcher that lets you switch the user agent so that the reg-only website is fooled to think that you are a web spider.

You can download the Firefox user agent switcher extension here . After downloading and installing the extension you have to do the following:-
Goto Tools>>Extensions>>Select User Agent Switcher

Click Options button and select User Agents from the Sidebar.

Then click Add to add new User Agent.

In the description box write “Google Bot” and in the User Agent Box write “Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; googlebot/2.1; +” .

Done. Enjoy ! :D
Bypass Registration on Websites with Google Cache

This trick even work on some websites that usually require paid registration in order to access their content. :roll:

Find the exact page that you want in a list of Google search results. For example, if you know there’s a page on that has some data about turtles that is only accessible to registered users, you can search on google for “ turtles”. Once you find the link to this article, you can simple click on “Cached” to see what version Google has.

Fore more information, Visit Related Wikihow

Google DOrks & Google Hacking

We call them ‘googledorks’ (gOO gôl’Dôrk, noun, slang) : An inept or foolish person as revealed by Google.

Google dorks are the center of the Google Hacking. Many hackers use google to find vulnerable webpages and later use these vulnerabilities for hacking. 8O

Example Dorks:-
1. CGI directories contain scripts which can often be exploited by attackers.
Click here for the Google search ==> “index of cgi-bin”

This way you will find many CGI directories some of them may be vulnerable. 8)

2. Another famous Google Dork is the PhpMyAdmin Dork. phpMyAdmin is a widly spread webfrontend used to mantain sql databases. The default security mechanism is to leave it up to the admin of the website to put a .htaccess file in the directory of the application. Well gues what, obviously some admins are either too lazy or don’t know how to secure their directories.

Click here for the Google search ==> “Welcome to phpMyAdmin” ” Create new database”

This way you may find some vulnerable pages to gain access to someone’s PhpMyAdmin. 8)

Honeypot or Honeypages are webpages designed to attract Google Dorkyz or Google Hackers. If you search for “index of /etc/passwd” on google. The first link you find is a very famous honeypot. :lol:

The biggest database of Google Dorks is here.

Wireless in Linux For D-Link G510 ( rev C)

After toiling for about a month , my wireless in now working in Fedora Core 4.I had tried everything from madwifi to ndiswrapper but nothing helped me.
Actually the D-link G510 card has Four versions rev A , B , C and D.The first
two are Atheros based cards , hence they can easily be used by using madwifi
drivers.But C and D are not atheros based , they have to be installed by using
Ra-link drivers ( i am not sure about D though :D ).So here is the procedure to install wireless drivers for D-Link G510 rev C.

1.Download the Ra-link drivers from

2.untar the file $tar -xvzf RT61_Linux_STA_Drv1.0.4.0.tar.gz the following commands :-

$ cd RT61_Linux_STA_Drv1.0.4.0/Modules
$ cp Makefile.6 Makefile
$ make all
$ mkdir /etc/Wireless/
$ mkdir /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/
$ cp *.bin /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/
$ dos2unix rt61sta.dat
$ cp rt61sta.dat /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/rt61sta.dat
$ /sbin/insmod rt61.ko
$ /sbin/ifconfig ra0 inet YOUR_IP up
$ /sbin/iwconfig ra0 ESSID “put the essid here”
$ dhclient ra0
4.Try to ping to some ip .If is pinging , voila you are connected. else , dont
worry even i was not able to ping .run the following commands :-

$ /sbin/iwpriv ra0 set SSID=”your essid” CxRate=12 NetworkType=Infra
( this depends on your connection , see man iwpriv for more options ,For
IIITians these will be enuf ;) )

$ /sbin/iwlist ra0 scanning

By running the last command , you should get some cells ( i.e Access Points )
If you are getting them this means your wireless card is now ready to use.Now
you just need to write the configuration script

5.Writing the configuration script
Go to the directory /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
Open a new file named “ifcfg-ra0″ ( $ vi ifcfg-ra0 ) using any editor

Copy and Paste the following :-

ESSID=’your essid’
NETMASK=”your netmask”
IPADDR=”your ip address here”
GATEWAY=”your default gateway here”

make sure you make the neccesary changes ( i.e ESSID , ip gateway ) ;) neat command and then activate the wirless from there. this command $kwifimanager

it will open a wifi manager. try to search for networks.It will automatically
connect to the network

PS: Looking forward to install dcpp ( dc++ for linux with better gui )
PS1: Yesterdays OS assignment rocked :D
PS2: I am thanful to kulbir for helping me in writing configuration scripts
PS3: Looking forward to help Nishant sir in Linux Cluster’s

Flock Browser

Just a test post to check out how amazing flock is .Flock is a browser which is nearly like mozilla firefox but with better looks and better options . Just like this utility (which i am using to write this post ;) ) by which i can write a blog directly write a post on my blog without opening my wordpress account .And more utilities like uploading images directly to some sites ( like flickr and image bucket ).In short Flock is a amazing browser with great looks and performance of firefox. Its a boon for bloggers with slow internet connection . As you dont need to open it in browser ;)

please leave your comments on this browser ;)

Download Accelerators For Linux

There is a command line download manager “wget” ( to use it type $wget[enter] ) .This package is usually included in the Fedora distros dont know about others .i used to use this as it was really fast and easy to use . But then sometimes i used to get very slow speeds .So i thought of searching for a better download manager for linux ( preferably command-line ;) ).

With help from google ( ;) ) i managed to find two great download managers

1. AXEL ( command-line)
2. Prozilla ( GUI )

1. AXEL :-

It’s mecanism is simple .It opens more than one HTTP/FTP connection per download and each connection transfers its own, separate, part of the file. It may sound weird, but it works very well in practice. For example, some FTP sites limit the speed of each connection, therefore opening more than one connection at a time multiplies the allowable bandwidth. Be forewarned that some FTP operators don’t like it when you do this. It is better to open the additional connections on several servers and download from all of them simultaneously. Axel supports this feature too. You may either specify a list of mirrors to use or tell the program to search for mirrors.

Installing AXEL :-

For Debian users :-

# apt-get install axel

For Others :-

1. Download the tar file :-


( you will use wget for the last time for this i gurantee u ;) )

2.Untar the tarball :-

tar -zxvf axel-1.0b.tar.gz

3.Configure and compile the code :-


4. Install Axel :-

make install

To download a file all you gotta do is :-


Its very fast than wget … as much as 400% ( varies frm server to sever , file to file :D )


One of the drawbacks of axel is that u cant specify the ftp user name and password .For this u can use prozilla an equally fast downloader comes with a decent gui.

u can either install by using apt ( debian users ) or yum ( others ).Or u can download it frm the offical website

u can use it by typing :-

$ proz

SO happy downloading

If u have found a better downloader please inform me in the comments

PS:i am writing this post @ 4:44 am :(

PS2:I think i will sleep now , buzy day ahead

PS3: Finished top have to finish talk command :( is the submission :(

PS4: It’s very hard to find a topic to write on :D

Latest crush ;)

Did u watch “How to loose a guy in 10 days ” .. If not then go get the movie and watch it .Its a Romantic flick and the actress is mind blowin … she is my latest crush ;) here is a small pic :-


I am dying to see the movie “Almost famous” *kate hudson ofcourse ;)

PS: I dint get the project i was lookin for , but hey “Jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai ” ;)

PS2: Have to design the sports page of IIIT :D

PS3: have to finish the OS assignment .. have just started

PS4: I have drroped the idea of writing a post on my roomate.

PS5 : I am not able to find linux drivers for my WLAN card ( D-link G510 rev C)

New Working Orkut scrap Flooder

For all visitors complaing about my flooding script (which is not workin anymore ), I am extremly sorry for replying very late.But hey its now or never so here is the latest flooding script .. thanx to sujhaat Rukh ( ma orkut frnd ) for givin me this script :-

javascript:i=9874654;sar=’Flooding by Maruti Borker \n Orkut New Flooding Script \n [silver]’; a=document.forms[0];a.action+=’&Action.submit=’; setInterval(”i++; a.scrapText.value=sar+i; a.submit()”,500);void(0)

copy this line by line in your browers url bar and press enter .

Note :- u can change the text to anythin u like ;)

PS: ITWS team selection is a real pain in the ass

PS2: have to write about mt roomie ..someday

PS3:I have to make wirless work in linux .. :(

Tricking Mega-Upload

If you are trying to download something for and it gives some errors like :-

All the slots assigned to ur Country are in use .. please wait

And yeah you dont wanna wait then here is a working trick :-
As you might know, if that message appears, and if you want to stop the message from appearing, you have to download the “Alexa Toolbar”, which is 100% spyware. So why do that? Here is the crack.


For Mozilla Firefox:

1. Go to

2. Click Install Now to install addon.

3. Restart Firefox. Go to Tools–>User Agent Switcher—>Options—>Options

4. Click User Agents—>Add

5. Type this: (copy and paste)

In the Description type “MEGAUPLOAD” ( u can write whatever u want to here ;) )

In the “User Agent” box type “Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; Alexa Toolbar)”

6. Click OK twice to finish adding User Agent.

7. From now, before downloading any file on megaupload just go Tools–> User Agent Switcher–>MEGAUPLOAD.


Follow THESE instructions if you use IE 7

1.Go to Start and click Run, then type regedit.

2. Go to: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\User Agent\Post Platform]

3. Right click on Post Platform > New > String Value.

4. Keep “Alexa Toolbar” as a name for the string. Don’t do anything else, or else it won’t work.


This tricks the MegaUpload site into believing that you have Alexa Toolbar installed on your PC.

I havent tried the explorer part but the firefox thing is workin fine

If its workin please leave a comment


PS: If u have D-link G510 rev C card and wireless is working in linux then please leave a comment :D

PS1:Midsems time .. so will be bloggin after a week :D

ps2:Check out this blog which is gaining popularity

Send Pics Thru Scraps and Posts [ Orkut ]

I had always wanted to send pictures thru scraps .And ultimaltely a way has been discoverd .No javascripts this time :P

Here is how to this thingy :-

1.Upload ur Image somewhere ( like etc etc … )

2.Get the url and keep it

3.Open anybodys scrapbook and then paste this

4.then leaving no space paste the url of the image u have uploaded

5.then leaving no space paste this :-


that’s it press Submit … ur image will appear in the scrap book

For example

A nice software …. Helpful for gamers

What do you do when u get a new pc ??? i tell you what i wanted to do ..Play games 24hrs a day.The First 3 days i was downloading loads of stuff (including games).I am a great fan of racing games like NFS and motocross.I wanted to install NFS Most wanted .I had the .mdf .mds files of the four cd’s .To install them i needed CD-Emulator ( i chose Virtual cd 7).After installing the four cd’s..i tried to play the game.But it gave an error “Please insert th right disk”.This meant that i needed a crack for this game .After nearly a day ,my friend Kulbir Saini gave me the crack for the game( that was actually a speed.exe ).So i replaced my speed.exe wid the crack.But that crack failed ..and i had to install everthing again :( .I tried my best to find another crack .But i was not able to find one.Nearly a month after that day ,i found a great Software ,Safe disk Hider.
About the software :-

SafeDisc 4 Hider 1.0, aka sd4hide or sd4hide.exe, is a program developed by Skull.

You can use it to play with legal images (backups stored on your hard drive) of your games. It helps you to circumvent the SafeDisc 4 protection which prevents you from playing with backups.

SD4Hide is used in combination with Daemon Tools, although it’s may work with other tools too. Daemon Tools is a program which enables you to load images, or clones, of games (and other software) in virtual drives.

Instead of sd4hide.exe you can also use Anti-Blaxx but I prefer using sd4hide because it’s a lot easier to use. But the advantage of Anti Blaxx is that it’s compatible with other technologies such as SecuROM 4-7, Protect CD V5 and JoWood X-Protect.

Anyway, to play games with sd4hide you need to do the following:

  • Mount the image in Daemon Tools
  • Run sd4hide.exe
  • Press “Hide”, sd4hide makes a small adjustment to a Windows registry setting and now you can play. The program also saves a small backup to restore the registry setting.
  • After playing click on “Restore” and close sd4hide.
  • It’s quite simple to use, but in order to run it you’ll need Administrator rights on your computer. Otherwise it may not work.

    Source :-

    According to my findings it is compatible with Virtual Cd7 … u can also use daemon tools if you have it.Using this Software i am able to play all games .try it for sure ;)

    PS: the page rank of my blog is 4/10 thanx to google

    Ps1: i have crossed 35,000 hits ;)

    Ps2 : i am not promoting piracy by this post nor am i supporting sd4hide.

    Ps3: Next Post :Wireless network installation in Fedora core 4 ( D-Link G510 card ) :D

    Ug2k5 Bloggers

    Bloggin is wat some of my batchmates do to pass their time . As all IIITian’s know that 3rd sem is most easiest sem of all and we get some spare time.So usually people either watch movies ,play cz or study :P But inspired by blogs of SMR , PATI and many more seniors, my batchmates have started writing blogs .But some students ( including Me ;) ) have a blog from 2nd semster ( one of the toughest sems :D ) .The tags are ranging from technical , Humor to Literature .But i have classified them into tech and non-tech blog .So here is the list of Bloggers whom i know :-
    Non Technical :-

    Himank sharma ——->
    Karan Maroo ——–>
    Gaurav kharakwal ——->
    Aniket Sharma ——>

    Abhijeet Pagare —->

    Shikha aggrawal ——->
    Medathi Kartheek ——–>
    Prashasti Gupta ——->

    Namrata Suri ———–>

    Abhinav Mehtha ——–>

    Abhinav Mehtha ——->

    Bhanu Kiran ———>

    Ojasvi Rajpal ———->

    Randeep Singh Banga ——>

    Pankaj Saini ————>

    Manish Arora ————>

    Technical :-

    Kulbir saini ——–>
    Ajay somani ——–>
    Me :D ——–>
    Vivek Prakash ———>
    Gopal k Koduri ——–>
    Shashank Agrawal ———–>
    Prateek GV ——–>

    Atul diwedi ——–>

    Kiran d ———–>
    PS :- If you write a blog and you are from ug2k5 and your name is not here …plz forgive me and send me the link @ maruti[AT]Students[DOT]iiit[DOT]ac[in] ( die spammers die :( )
    PS1:- Hmm who is this chunky ( only 2k5 batch noes abt this others ignore ) lolz :D
    PS2:- @Himank I have placed you first among the non technical ab kush ??? :D
    PS3 :- I hope by reading this post ..some will get encouraged to write a blog ;)
    PS4 :- wordpress has screwed my indention

    Knuth’s Algorithm for Anagrams

    When i was solving some ACM; problems . I found many angrams problems and some having application of anagrams; .During Holidays i was reading Knuths guide to programming ..and i have found this cool algo.

    Suppose a problem is given :-

    Given a List of dictionary words ( >1,00,000 words )in a file dict.txt ( say ) . and you have to find out all the anagrams in it .

    So here is the Knuths algorithm :-

    Store the words in an array a1 (say) sort each and every word and store it in a2. [ I mean to say suppose a1[i]=”dog” sort “dog” and then put a2[i]=”dgo” ]

    Now sort array a2 according to the string in it & keep swaping the respective indexes in a1 .

    Now compare values in a2 and find whether they are anagram or not ;) that’s it :D
    Example :-
    dict.txt :-

    lander –> a1[0]
    Earth –> a1[1]
    antsier –> a1[2]
    Heart –> a1[3]
    asterin –> a1[4]
    randel –> a1[5]

    sort and put in a2

    Now sort a2 accordin to the str in it :D simlilary change a1

    a2[0]=adelnr a1[0]=lander
    a2[1]=adelnr a1[1]=randel
    a2[2]=aehrth a1[2]=Earth
    a2[3]=aehrth a1[3]=Heart
    a2[4]=aeinrst a1[4]=antsier
    a2[5]=aeinrst a1[5]=asterin

    Now compare values of a2 to find the grp of anagrams
    according to the example
    Grp of anagrams are :-
    1 lander and randel
    2 Earth and Heart
    3 antsier and asterin

    If some body has a better algorithm or a better way to improve this code plz write a comment :D