Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A nice software …. Helpful for gamers

What do you do when u get a new pc ??? i tell you what i wanted to do ..Play games 24hrs a day.The First 3 days i was downloading loads of stuff (including games).I am a great fan of racing games like NFS and motocross.I wanted to install NFS Most wanted .I had the .mdf .mds files of the four cd’s .To install them i needed CD-Emulator ( i chose Virtual cd 7).After installing the four cd’s..i tried to play the game.But it gave an error “Please insert th right disk”.This meant that i needed a crack for this game .After nearly a day ,my friend Kulbir Saini gave me the crack for the game( that was actually a speed.exe ).So i replaced my speed.exe wid the crack.But that crack failed ..and i had to install everthing again :( .I tried my best to find another crack .But i was not able to find one.Nearly a month after that day ,i found a great Software ,Safe disk Hider.
About the software :-

SafeDisc 4 Hider 1.0, aka sd4hide or sd4hide.exe, is a program developed by Skull.

You can use it to play with legal images (backups stored on your hard drive) of your games. It helps you to circumvent the SafeDisc 4 protection which prevents you from playing with backups.

SD4Hide is used in combination with Daemon Tools, although it’s may work with other tools too. Daemon Tools is a program which enables you to load images, or clones, of games (and other software) in virtual drives.

Instead of sd4hide.exe you can also use Anti-Blaxx but I prefer using sd4hide because it’s a lot easier to use. But the advantage of Anti Blaxx is that it’s compatible with other technologies such as SecuROM 4-7, Protect CD V5 and JoWood X-Protect.

Anyway, to play games with sd4hide you need to do the following:

  • Mount the image in Daemon Tools
  • Run sd4hide.exe
  • Press “Hide”, sd4hide makes a small adjustment to a Windows registry setting and now you can play. The program also saves a small backup to restore the registry setting.
  • After playing click on “Restore” and close sd4hide.
  • It’s quite simple to use, but in order to run it you’ll need Administrator rights on your computer. Otherwise it may not work.

    Source :-

    According to my findings it is compatible with Virtual Cd7 … u can also use daemon tools if you have it.Using this Software i am able to play all games .try it for sure ;)

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    Ps2 : i am not promoting piracy by this post nor am i supporting sd4hide.

    Ps3: Next Post :Wireless network installation in Fedora core 4 ( D-Link G510 card ) :D


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