Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ug2k5 Bloggers

Bloggin is wat some of my batchmates do to pass their time . As all IIITian’s know that 3rd sem is most easiest sem of all and we get some spare time.So usually people either watch movies ,play cz or study :P But inspired by blogs of SMR , PATI and many more seniors, my batchmates have started writing blogs .But some students ( including Me ;) ) have a blog from 2nd semster ( one of the toughest sems :D ) .The tags are ranging from technical , Humor to Literature .But i have classified them into tech and non-tech blog .So here is the list of Bloggers whom i know :-
Non Technical :-

Himank sharma ——->
Karan Maroo ——–>
Gaurav kharakwal ——->
Aniket Sharma ——>

Abhijeet Pagare —->

Shikha aggrawal ——->
Medathi Kartheek ——–>
Prashasti Gupta ——->

Namrata Suri ———–>

Abhinav Mehtha ——–>

Abhinav Mehtha ——->

Bhanu Kiran ———>

Ojasvi Rajpal ———->

Randeep Singh Banga ——>

Pankaj Saini ————>

Manish Arora ————>

Technical :-

Kulbir saini ——–>
Ajay somani ——–>
Me :D ——–>
Vivek Prakash ———>
Gopal k Koduri ——–>
Shashank Agrawal ———–>
Prateek GV ——–>

Atul diwedi ——–>

Kiran d ———–>
PS :- If you write a blog and you are from ug2k5 and your name is not here …plz forgive me and send me the link @ maruti[AT]Students[DOT]iiit[DOT]ac[in] ( die spammers die :( )
PS1:- Hmm who is this chunky ( only 2k5 batch noes abt this others ignore ) lolz :D
PS2:- @Himank I have placed you first among the non technical ab kush ??? :D
PS3 :- I hope by reading this post ..some will get encouraged to write a blog ;)
PS4 :- wordpress has screwed my indention


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