Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Orkut Hacking …. Part3

Ever dreamt of 10,000 fans …. ur wish has been fulfilled now .. follow this simple steps :-

1.make a fake account and add him as ur frnd ..

2.open the fake account and open this page http://www.orkut.com/Friends.aspx

3. copy and paste this script in URL bar ….


4.Now move ur mouse over the little star .. on ur profile in the same page ….

5. now u will see some FRUS0009505081/US0014188150 kind of thing at bottom left of ur browser change it wid the value in the javascript ….

6.press enter and keep pressing it for some time ….and then release it ..

7.check your profile …..

yipee..u have more than k fans


Blogger dave said...

nah its not work

6:14 AM  

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