Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Spamming in Yahoo Messenger ..

This trick works only in windows (linux people letz rock ) try this only on windows users . Suppose you are chatting with some guy who is irritating you ..or u want to irritate somebody then this method will really create a gr8 pain in their ass. So here we go .. open yahoo messenger . then Double Click on the Buddy u want to spam with. Then press “Shift+Ctrl+R” as many times as u want ..the more u do this more he gets spammed . That’s it …the other buddy will get spammed with yahoo msngrr windows …I will give a screen shot here …as soon as possible . This thing works in the latest version of yahoo …and may not work in other msngr’s .If u have a better method to spam then plz leave a comment.

So as Promised here is the Screenshot …sheesh had to reboot the system :D :-

Click on the Pic to enlarge

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PS :- Though if the other guy…is lil comp savvy he would kill the process He he


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