Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Orkut fun ….u will love it

Here are some javascripts that are purely for fun and it may help some writing scraps …

1st –>
when this code is run …evry link in ur orkut profile will go to my orkut profile:-
javascript:var i=-1;function de(){i=i+1;document.links[i].href="/Profile.aspx?uid=15590339947079037809";}; void(setInterval(de,1));

2nd –>
when this code is run ..ur page will be flooded with my pics …he he

javascript:var i=-1;function de(){i=i+1;document.images[i].src="";}; void(setInterval(de,1));

3rd –>

this is in general of any webpage ..this will resize all the pics in the page …njoi
javascript:var i=-1;function de(){i=i+1;var j=Math.floor(Math.random()*100);d=Math.floor(Math.random()*100);document.images[i].height=j;document.images[i].width=d}; void(setInterval(de,500));

4th one

this one will increase ur scrapbook size i mean ur scrap entry size ..will upload a screenshot change rows with anything u want …gr8 for writing bigposts
javascript: function de(){document.forms[0].elements[2].rows="30";}void(setInterval(de,0));

all credits to mr.Death-eater i dont noe his real name :(

Directions to use these scripts :-
1.copy them using ctrl+c
2.go to ur orkut's home ( for first 3 scripts) ..or to ur scrapbook(for 4th script) on url bar ..remove the link on it
4.paste the javascript … enter..

screenshot :-


click on the pic to enlarge


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